Products of maximum quality and the best service

At Grup Roma, our philosophy is to offer quality products and unbeatable service to gain the satisfaction of our clients and consumers.
With a combination of technology and craftsmanship, we can offer meat products which are instantly recognisable in the market place.


Our meat comes mainly from sows, with constant good colour and aroma.


Measures prior to slaughter: fasting the pigs before loading, shower to reduce stress on arrival at the abattoir, minimum 3 hour rest period and maintaining the animals in a group until anaesthesia increases the well-being of the animals and, as a consequence, greatly improves the quality of the meat.


Our system of scalding and depilation with water vapour is the most hygienic of all methods.


With traditional butchering and delayed cooling in the cold storage room, the different cuts are hung from individual racks and achieve the lowest known levels of water accumulation in the meat.

All this, together with the perfect synchronisation between animal holding in the morning, slaughter and butchering in the afternoon, refrigeration and period of rest during the night enables us to offer our clients high quality meat which can be distributed first thing in the morning with conservation guaranteed.

Quality Certificates