Escorxador Frigorífic d’Avinyó

The main plant is situated in Avinyó, in the province of Barcelona and has an abattoir with a capacity for the slaughter of 16, 000 animals per week. It includes various specialised rooms for cutting, vacuum packing and labelling; production; quality control, a freezer tunnel and freezer room and varied cold storage with a capacity for 3,000 tonnes. Avinyó has its own logistic service, enabling a fast delivery of our meat products to wholesalers, food manufacturers and Canal Horeca on a daily basis.

Conservas Ausa

Our cured embutido (sausage and ham products) factory, has a total of 5,505m² of modern installations of which 2,170m² are driers and cold storage rooms.

Catalana de Embutidos

Catalana de Embutidos, the factory for meat products, cooked, semi-cooked and semi-cured embutidos has 4,781m², of which 2,837m² are designated to production, 470m² are driers, 730m² for slicing and some 900m² of cold storage and freezer rooms. These installations, with the most up-to-date equipment, ensure maximum quality, conservation and food safety.


Currently, we have 1,800 RAL sows, of which 700 are in the R.B.S. Mujal farm. We control the entire breeding process – through 4 generations to the abattoir. We strive to maintain the highest levels of animal welfare and include a cereal based diet. The piglets are with the mother for 28 days as opposed to the 21 days recommended for the normal white pig and the pens are much larger.

Quality Certificates