We contribute to an improvement in the environment and energy efficiency


We carry out ecological water treatment: we purify residual water following the strict controls of the Catalan Water Authority, with the aim of watering 112 hectares of farmland and forest. This system of water purification avoids the discharge of residual water into the public watercourse, and therefore reduces environmental impact to a minimum. Furthermore, thanks to this system, we can water 40 hectares of grazing land daily.


We heat our water through alternative heating systems generated in the production processes. We therefore save on fuels necessary for boilers.


We use energy from solar panels: in 2009, we installed a photovoltaic plant with a total surface of 720m².


We use biomass boilers, generating vapour to heat water, necessary in the production process. The use of husks reduces the generation of pollutant emissions.

Continuing our environmental promise:

We will incorporate a new biomass boiler producing 5,000k of vapour/hour, eliminating existing fuel boilers.

We are studying the possibility of installing a cogeneration plant, orientated towards highly efficient electrical and thermal energy production, from the treatment of organic residues generated in the abattoir.

At Grup Roma, we are in charge of all the controls in the production processes, transformation and production. At the same time, we respect the environment by complying with all the current legislation, ensuring the safety of our workers and guaranteeing traceability and food safety of all our products. As a result, Grup Roma is considered “the benchmark in pork products”.

Quality Certificates