New Ham Summum of “rOmega3”

Roma Omega 3 pork is certified by prestigious international bodies such as the French association Bleu-Blanco-Coeur.


Ham summum of Omega 3

All our Omega 3 products are naturally enriched. The pigs are fed dried food of vegetable origin with a high content of Omega 3 rich seeds. There are no additives and the composition of the pork is not artificially modified. The meat contains up to 5 times more Omega 3 than white pigs on normal feed and results in a very healthy, nutritious meat, ideal for a balanced diet.

One of the products that we produce with this type of meat, is the Omega3 cooked ham. Its main characteristics are, low salt content, cooked with its own crust, and made with the proper care of the artisans. The result is a ham that which carries the taste of tradition.

Technical specification