New Ham “Gran Reserva of Ral”

In order to achieve the excellence of Ral d’Avinyó, we only feed our pigs on a basis of traditional cereals (such as barley and wheat) which provide more energy and less protein, improving the texture, and producing a jucier meat.



Some years ago, we decided to search for a breed of pig whose meat would have the traditional taste of the past with a flavour and tenderness not found in supermarkets today. With this in mind, we brought back a rustic breed little known in our own country but highly appreciated elsewhere.The result is a true gem: the Ral d’Avinyó pig, tasty, juicy. One of the products that we produce with this type of meat, is the ham Gran Reserva of Ral. Its main characteristics are the infiltration of fat, and a low salt content and very very tasty!

Tecnical specification