The most natural enrichment for a balanced diet.

Eating healthy fats is essentials for our bodies. Omega 3 is found in this fat group and is recommended for everyone, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women and infants.

But omega 3 fatty acids are within the group known as “essential”, meaning that the body itself does not produce it, therefore it has to come from our diet. A diet rich in Omega 3 helps us stay healthy; it aids physiological function in our tissues, regulates arterial pressure, prevents cardiovascular diseases and is vital for a correct nerve and eye development in babies.

All our Omega 3 products are naturally enriched. The pigs are fed dried food of vegetable origin with a high content of Omega 3 rich seeds. There are no additives and the composition of the pork is not artificially modified. The meat contains up to 5 times more Omega 3 than white pigs on normal feed and results in a very healthy, nutritious meat, ideal for a balanced diet.

Roma Omega 3 pork is certified by prestigious international bodies such as the French association Bleu-Blanco-Coeur:

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