Our Gourmet brand - the family's - and especially the children’s - favourite.

Enjoy the pleasures of fabulous tender meat, tasty, smooth and so, so special…. You won’t be able to resist the temptation!

Some years ago, we decided to search for a breed of pig whose meat would have the traditional taste of the past with a flavour and tenderness not found in supermarkets today. With this in mind, we brought back a rustic breed little known in our own country but highly appreciated elsewhere.

In order to achieve the excellence of Ral d’Avinyó, we only feed our pigs on a basis of traditional cereals (such as barley and wheat) which provide more energy and less protein, improving the texture, and producing a jucier meat. We fatten them slowly, enhancing their organoleptic characteristics to recapture the authentic taste of pork. The result is a true gem: the Ral d’Avinyó pig, tasty, juicy and ideal for all the family.

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