Catalana de Embutidos, is our factory which produces prepared meat, cooked, semi-cooked and semi-cured embutidos which we commercialise under the Roma brand. It was founded in the 1950s in Puig-reig and later relocated to Balsareny where it remains today.

ts modern installations enable us to make our products under the strictest quality standards throughout each process, achieving a maximum guarantee of quality, conservation and health safety.

Our sole supplier is our own Avinyó abattoir and we use only fresh, choicest cuts. A significant difference in the quality of embutidos has reached almost all the corners of the world. Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France and Denmark have enjoyed these products for years, valuing the authentic taste and the strict health controls we follow.

Our range of embutidos includes both fresh products (“butifarras”- fatless sausages, and sausages) cooked products (hams and “bulls” – pudding sausage) and smoked meats produced as naturally as possible using beech wood which creates an unmistakeable and unique taste (bacon).
Catalana de Embutidos has obtained the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

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