Our cured embutido factory, Conservas Ausa, which was founded in 1964 in Prats de Lluçanès, is characterised by products with a unique identity. Using only the freshest meat from well-located Avinyó, our products boast excellent properties.

At over 700 metres in altitude and in a unique, dry microclimate with extreme temperatures, we cure the meat using a natural method, giving it an intense flavour, unique aroma and palate. The tender, delicious meat is the basis of our varied range of products led by the unpeppered fuet (a thin, dry cured sausage), longaniza (dry cured sausage) chorizo, cured jamones (back leg of ham) and palas (foreleg of ham).

All the meat we use to produce our embutidos comes exclusively from our Avinyó abattoir, guaranteeing fresh, choice cuts, ensuring the origin, traceability, homogeneity and maximum quality of some of our clients’ and consumers’ most appreciated embutidos..

Conservas Ausa has obtained the IFS (International Food Standard) and has been pioneer in the production of the first unpeppered fuet.

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